how’s YOUR nanny?


Swellbeing has a new friend in None of us wants to worry about worst case scenarios, especially where our children are concerned, but wouldn’t it be nice to know others are looking out for our shorties when we’re not able to?

Jill Starishevsky, a child abuse and sex crimes prosecutor in New York City was home on maternity leave with her second child recently when she got the idea for her business. This service provides license plates for strollers with a unique identifying number on them enabling the public to anonymously report praiseworthy or concerning nanny observations. Registered parents then receive an email alerting them of the report. There are checks and balances built into the system to ensure the claims people make are credible.

This community watch is catching on like wildfire and has already received a lot of media attention. You can check them out on the Today Show during the week of July 23rd.

The program works on a membership basis at the rate of $50 per year. Swellbeing parents who register will receive a 20% discount. Enter this code: 8743re3e.