It regularly comes to my attention just how nuanced and complex the relationship is between nanny and parent. And that makes a lot of sense. After all, these are the people who are coming into your home and sharing an intimacy with your family unlike anyone else. Many parents feel wholly unprepared for the process of selecting and employing a nanny and often admit that there are big areas of the relationship that they would like to work on, but feel that it is too delicate to upset, so a lot gets let go.

Enter Dr. Lindsay Heller of Beverly Hills, CA, who also goes by “The Nanny Doctor”. She has been working with families and their nannies for more than a decade. Here is a little bit more of what she shared about her work:

In addition to being a licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. Heller was a well-respected nanny for over 10 years in both the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas. She has lived-in, lived-out, has been both the weekend nanny and the weekly nanny. She has traveled as a nanny both domestically and internationally. She has worked in single parents households as well as fully staffed high profile estates. She has nannied for families with infants, toddlers, elementary age, middle school age, and teens.

In the spirit of Attachment Theory, Dr. Lindsay Heller seeks to promote positive relationships between families and their nannies that create strong, healthy, secure emotional bonds between children and their caregivers that will nurture future meaningful relationships. You can visit her website to learn more about her services,