Sleep Solutions

Sleep coaching is the process through which parents thoughtfully support a child’s learning to fall asleep independently, often a key to sleep consolidation. Janeen provides parents with information and strategies that are responsive to a child’s developmental needs for comfort, reassurance and food–while also promoting healthy sleep habits–essential to mental and physical wellbeing and optimal development.

Sleep Strategy Consultation

Janeen’s background in clinical psychology is foundational to her approach to sleep. She isn’t just looking to solve your sleep challenge, she’s invested in addressing any needs or developmental issues that may be underlying the sleep challenges. During the one hour session (phone or video), Janeen will collaborate on a thoughtful, age-appropriate solution that aims to get your child an optimal amount of sleep for healthy development. To ensure lasting success, Janeen continues to coach parents for two weeks following the sleep strategy session. The fee is $549.

    Online Sleep Strategy Class

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