spring ahead – daylight savings tips

On Saturday night at midnight we spring ahead (this means we lose an hour overnight). What does this mean in terms of your child’s sleep schedule? See my tips below and decide which plan is best for your wee one.

Plan A:

1. Put your child to bed on Saturday night at the usual bedtime.

2. Change your clocks so they are one hour ahead.

3. Set your alarm to get you up at the usual wake up time and wake your child up to start the day (this means one less hour of sleep for your child).

4. Put your child down for naps and bedtime according to the time on the clock.

Plan B:

For those early risers, don’t change anything but your clocks.  This means that if they normally nap at 9 am, the clock will now ready 10 am, and so on.  They will be going to bed one hour later and will wake up one hour later… Remember that there is more daylight as we get closer to June so you’ll also want to ensure that you have a good blackout system, otherwise your early riser will be back!

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  1. Working with a sleeping trainer for my son was one of the happiest thing I could have done for both of us.

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