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bashed – kids party planning event this weekend

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007


BASHED! The ABCs of Party Planning ( taking place this Sunday (10/28) at the Altman Building (135 West 18th Street, between 6th + 7th Avenues) from 10 AM – 6 PM. The event includes a full-day of music (including Gustafer Yellowgold, Bari Koral, Uncle Rock and more) and an amazing line-up of top party planners who will talk about everything from food allergies to what makes NYC the best place on earth for a kids’ party. Sponsored by Apple & Eve, the event also features 35 top-notch exhibitors and lots of freebies! You can purchase tickets in advance at

snooze or lose

Monday, October 15th, 2007


New York Magazine recently published a compelling, information stuffed article on the immense benefits of sleep for school aged kids. This article outlines the scientific data pointing to a relationship between more sleep and emotional stability and academic performance. The results were significant in as few as three days. Dr. Avi Sadeh of Tel Aviv University conducted a study a couple years ago which charged 77 fourth-graders and sixth-graders assigned randomly to two groups to either 1. go to bed slightly earlier for three nights, or 2. go to bed slightly later for three nights. He was able to measure their total sleep and determined that there was an hour total difference between the two groups (earlier group went to bed about 30 minutes earlier, while later group went to bed 30 minutes later). He followed up by conducting neurobiogical functioning which revealed the following:

“A loss of one hour of sleep is equivalent to [the loss of] two years of cognitive maturation and development.”

This study was corroborated by another conducted by Dr. Kyla Wahlstrom on the University of Minnesota who researched more than 7,000 high schoolers in Minnesota. The correlations between sleep and academic performance are really pronounced in high school due to a sharp decline in overall sleep. A simple statement of the findings underscores that every fifteen minutes counts.

Teens who received A’s averaged about fifteen more minutes sleep than the B students, who in turn averaged eleven more minutes than the C’s, and the C’s had ten more minutes than the D’s.

MRI scans have allowed researchers to better understand just how sleep loss impairs a child’s brain.

Tired children can’t remember what they just learned, for instance, because neurons lose their plasticity, becoming incapable of forming the synaptic connections necessary to encode a memory.

And then the article goes on to talk about the tremendous outcomes school districts are reporting with a later start time. While this idea isn’t exactly catching on like wildfire, the results have to have us asking why not?

voluntary withdrawal of infant cold and cough medications

Saturday, October 13th, 2007


Here is what Tylenol has to say about their withdrawal [via Baby Center]:

The cough and cold season is here, and we have important information to share about infants’ and children’s cough and cold medicines. These medicines are generally recognized as safe and effective when used as directed. Most parents use these cough and cold medicines appropriately.

However, we have become aware of rare instances of misuse leading to accidental overdose, especially in children under the age of two. Therefore, we are voluntarily withdrawing the following concentrated cough and cold medicines from the market:

  • Concentrated Tylenol® Infants’ Drops Plus Cold
  • Concentrated Tylenol® Infants’ Drops Plus Cold & Cough
  • PediaCare® Infant Dropper Decongestant
  • PediaCare® Infant Dropper Long-Acting Cough
  • PediaCare® Infant Drops Decongestant (containing pseudoephedrine)
  • PediaCare® Infant Dropper Decongestant & Cough
  • PediaCare® Infant Drops Decongestant & Cough (containing pseudoephedrine)

If you have these products in your household, please discontinue use in children under the age of two. These actions do not apply to cough and cold medicines labeled for children aged two and above.

Additionally, these actions do not apply to Infants’ and Children’s Tylenol® and Motrin® pain relievers and fever reducers. When used as directed, these products are safe and effective.

As always, it is important to medicate carefully. Always use the exact dosage device that comes with the medicine. Use the medicine only as directed. And keep all medicines out of the reach of children.

Whenever you have questions about how to treat your child’s cough and cold symptoms, call your doctor. For specific questions about our products, call 1-877-895-3665 or visit

Your child’s safety continues to be our number one priority.

This message is brought to you by the makers of Tylenol® and PediaCare®.

We realize these changes may be inconvenient for you, and we are happy to provide a valuable coupon to use on one of several products of your choice.

baby butt

Saturday, October 6th, 2007


Look no further for amazing skin care for your baby’s bottom (and yours, perhaps?).  Dr Natalie Geary created her own product line, vedaPURE, for baby’s skin as well as mommy and daddy’s skin (vedaMAMA and vedaDUDE). I have been using the baby butt diaper balm since my daughter was a newborn and find it simply delightful. The scent is refreshing and clean, it’s easy to apply and really does the trick.

We ran out recently and tried to use some other brands (to remain unnamed) and she developed a little rash that only got worse.  Dr. Geary rushed us some of the baby butt plus and it went away immediately!  We use the baby butt at night as an added protective layer and it works beautifully.  I cannot recommend this product highly enough.

The products are free of anything harmful for your babies’ skin (so many are not).  Here is what Dr. Gaery has to say about that:

“Avoid products that contain parebens, fragrances, phthalates, alcohols and fragrances to start. Don’t be fooled by labels that claim “all natural”. “

This month, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, you can purchase an organic body cream for mom and 25% of the proceeds will be donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.