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"Janeen personally transformed the way I lived as a mother, and helped our house immeasurably. When I met her, I was worried about sleep, sleepless and unsure about how to get more sleep for me and for my daughter. Janeen guided me with gentleness and incredible respect, and shared her knowledge in a way that was so empowering. I learned so much about children's sleep and how to deal with various obstacles. She has no hard-and-fast rules, adjusts to your needs, and never loses sight of a child's developmental needs. Naps can be hard, bedtimes can be stressful- say goodbye to stress! I have recommended her to a circle of friends, and she has been a great part of our lives as new parents."-- Melissa Errico McEnroe

"You helped me so much with so many things.  I liked how patient and thorough you were in answering any question I had.  I learned so much from you -  I pass all the tips on to my friends as if they were my own." -- Molly Shannon

"I had read a number of books on infant sleep and was thoroughly confused by their conflicting advice. None seemed to address our specific issues: at 8.5 months our son was still sleeping in our bed and nursing off and on all night long. Janeen created an easy-to-follow plan and offered the encouragement and support I needed to put it into practice. In less than a week, Jesse was sleeping through the night—in his own crib! He continues to sleep 11+ hours straight and takes two 60-90 minute naps a day. We couldn't have done it without her." -- Jennifer Laing

"I followed Janeen's advice when my son was 5 months and it took only 4 days for him to start sleeping 12 hours through the night with no feedings. At 8 months he's still sleeping soundly.  Thanks Janeen!" -- Tiffany Dufu

“I read all the books about the beginning months and ways to get the holy grail-a baby who slept through the night and napped during the day. Janeen single-handedly gave me the knowledge, awareness and security to help my daughter develop into a well-rested, happy and calm baby. I am so glad Janeen was there during my early days as a new mother. I can’t recommend her highly enough.” -- Melissa Lipman

“Janeen and Swellbeing transformed our entire family’s dynamic within only one day, all through her work with us on our daughter’s sleep habits. Janeen has a great gift in helping parents through very difficult situations and I believe that she can help every family within a very short time-frame. She provided us with the knowledge, confidence, and security that we needed in order to improve our family’s sleep. Our daughter went from waking up and nursing every 1-2 hours during the night, to sleeping almost 11 hours straight in less than a week! We would never have imagined this was possible! Janeen’s availability through every step of the way made us feel safe in teaching our child how to sleep on her own. Our baby is successful, we feel successful, and we owe it to Swellbeing.” -- Glenna Lee

“As an educated man and engaged father, I initially thought that my wife and I would be able to solve any and all situations that our son went through. As a new parent, the first year is filled with much joy, yet many challenges. Making the investment with Swellbeing has made us even more confident in our decisions as parents. From big issues to daily concerns, having this resource is invaluable - allowing our home to be as happy as possible.” -- Stenning Schueppert

“The webinar was SOOOOOO informative. Now I feel like I have such a good grasp on what need to be done and how to do it! I am telling all my mom friends about it. The webinar format is awesome too! You can sit in your PJ's and listen to a seminar. It's brilliant.” -- Suzy Chase Osborne